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Who we are?

We are a leading management consultancy center of excellence. Our clients are leaders; we are interested in the real solution of their specific problems and thus in their personal success.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide high-quality, perspective-changing services using an innovative approach. By providing tangible, measurable solutions; the results of our work become a part of everyday operation and continue to function in practice without us.

Our team

The members of our team are qualified management consultants who create independently following shared values and proudly undertake their products under their own signature. Their work is characterized by many years of experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Bálint Ákos

Ákos Bálint


“We present complex problems with understandable simplicity and examine the possibilities of value creation in complex ways. We provide leaders with the opportunity for effective, well-founded decision-making through modelling and network thinking.”

Vereczkei Brigitta

Brigitta Vereczkei


“The professionalism of our services is based on our methodological background, thus providing our clients not only with an approach but also a tool. We aim to understand the big picture: with its contexts, approached from above, along its logical connections.”

„It makes us especially proud that our clients place long term trust in us based on our added value.”


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  • For me, working with Redbridge not only means a high level of professionalism, but also the reassuring awareness that we are steadily moving forward with the projects and things will turn out fine. I can lean forward because they keep pace with me – I can lean back because they support me when problems arise. All this is provided in a friendly atmosphere, without any unnecessary formalities.

    Horváth Péter
    Péter Horváth
    UBM Group, board member
  • The Redbridge team is characterized by professional, accurate work that adapts flexibly to changing demand. The project management support of their consultants has been outstanding and has greatly contributed to the success of our ventures. As often before, we will continue to readily work with them and recommend their services to others.

    Gombkötő Zsuzsanna
    Zsuzsanna Gombkötő
    National Business Services PLC., former CEO
  • I was very happy to learn that people I hold in high esteem, both humanly and professionally, came together to create something new. I applauded them and trusted that they would succeed! And that they did. Whenever it’s possible, I ask them for help!

    Hegedűs Gábor
    Gábor Hegedűs
    National Toll Payment Services PLC., technical director
  • We know the harsh opinion on consultants: they tell you what you already know and even ask for a lot of money in return. This is not the way they work at Redbridge: knowing the theory, they always approach the problem to be solved from a practical point of view. They involve the customer throughout their work and create tangible value.

    Szebenyi Zoltán
    Zoltán Szebényi
    senior IT project manager
  • With the assistance of the Redbridge team, we received advice and project support for a unique and non-traditional project. Without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goals within our time and resource constraints.

    Koralewsky Márk
    Márk Koralewsky
    wigo carsharing - Wallis Automegósztó Zrt. – CEO
  • In a corporate environment, seamless management of project portfolios requires varying amounts of resources and specific expertise at each project and project phase. A stable partner is needed who can fill resource or competency gaps with quality service, and discreetly step back if the project stages require it. This is exactly what the Redbridge team offers.

    Mihály Czibula
    MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant., Principal Project Manager for Strategic Initiatives
  • The professional collaboration of Redbridge consultants has been instrumental in the successful execution of several of our flagship projects to an exceptionally high standard. From the planning stage to the final implementation, we have experienced a constructive, proactive, and supportive approach from Redbridge. Even in challenging situations, we were able to find mutually agreeable solutions that satisfied both parties.

    Horváth Tamás
    Tamás Horváth
    Director of Application Operations and Development MVMI Zrt.